Thursday, June 28, 2018

All Three Oklahoma Qualified Parties Will Need a Runoff Primary on August 28

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Oklahoma held primaries on June 26. Oklahoma requires that all qualified parties nominate by primary. The state also requires a runoff primary for races in which no one got as much as 50% in the first primary.
Here are the election returns, via the State Board of Elections’ web page. All three parties appear likely to need a runoff primary this year. The Libertarian Party only had one contested primary, for Governor. So far Chris Powell has 49%, Rex Lawhorn has 31%, and Joe Exotic has 19%.
The state elections web page has the solitary Libertarian primary race tucked underneath the Republican results, and just above the Democratic results. Oklahoma doesn’t permit write-ins, and when only a single candidate files for any primary, that office is removed from the ballot and the single candidate is deemed nominated.
Democrats will need a runoff for Corporation Commissioner, and Republicans will need a runoff for many statewide offices, including Governor.

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