Friday, May 18, 2018

Should The Constitution Party of Idaho Stay or Go?

2018 State Convention–to decide on affiliation
In 2016, the Orofino State Convention took up the question on remaining affiliated with the national Constitution Party.  It was decided to postpone the ultimate decision to the next state convention, in order to allow a cooler deliberation.
A hope, however forlorn, was that the national CP would produce some sort of indication that it cared whether CP-Idaho remained an affiliate or not.  We are now two years further along, and absolutely no evidence of a change in the estranged relations between this state political party and the national party are apparent.  If anything, it has become even more rancorous.
A personal meeting took place in Grangeville on Saturday, May 12, 2018 between CP-Idaho’s Chair, F.W. Whitley and Mr. J.R. Myers–the Western States Co-Chair for the national CP and a member of its Executive Committee.
While empathetic to Mr. Myers’ desire delay any decision by CP-Idaho’s State Convention upon continuing affiliation with the national CP, it is not within the power of the State Chair to do so.  Besides, kicking the can down the road is what’s wrong with most of America’s political parties anyhow.
No.  The 2016 State Convention charged the decision to be made in the 2018 State Convention.  It will be taken up.  It was stressed with Mr. Myers that the national CP has had long enough to demonstrate its good faith…and has not done so.  In fact, it has proven the contrary.  Thus, the national party has approximately 60 days to make its case as to why CP-Idaho should remain.
As part of the discussion with Mr. Myers, Idaho set forth a list of conditions that must be met before we can even begin to entertain further discussion with the national CP.  That list, with fifteen (15) conditions and submitted to both Mr. Myers and Mr. Scott Copeland, an at-large member of the national CP Executive Committee,  is as follows:
Idaho’s Conditions
First, no more surprise presidential candidates who wait until the last minute to declare their candidacy on the floor of the national convention, and thereby avoid public scrutiny.  This manipulative practice shall be condemned and banned.
Second, to ensure legitimate due process in the national nomination, henceforth, each and every presidential candidate who seeks the nomination of the Constitution Party shall first declare his or her candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and report on FEC Form 1 and Form 2.
Third, every CP presidential candidate must declare their candidacy prior to the close-of-business (EST) on the second Monday of the December (odd year) which immediately precedes the November General Election (even year), and in every Presidential election thereafter. [e.g. December 9, 2019; December 11, 2023; and so on.]
Fourth, the date of the national convention must be returned to late mid-summer in a presidential election year to respect the statutory requirements and obligations of actual ballot qualified state parties.
Fifth, the national convention shall not be held prior to any state convention of any affiliated state party, with an exception being whenever a late national convention may convene after statutory candidate certification deadlines in any respective state affiliate party.
Sixth, under no circumstance shall the national convention be held prior to the state primary or state caucus of any Constitution Party ballot qualified affiliate state party. In 2020, national convention cannot occur earlier than June 2, 2020 to accommodate ballot qualified CP-South Dakota and CP-New Jersey.
Seventh, the date of national convention must incorporate the electoral duties and obligations of state ballot qualified affiliates.
Eighth, any state delegation standing on the floor of the national convention and seeking to cast national nomination ballots must first provide strict and verifiable proof that its state party held an actual statewide ballot—whether by primary ballot or by caucus ballot—via a democratic process which is in fact demanded by the national convention credentials committee.
Ninth, any state delegation standing on the floor of the national convention and seeking to cast national nomination ballots must have its verifiable primary or caucus results in evidence not later than fifteen business days prior to the national convention.  The national CP must end its shameful practice of proxy nomination.
Tenth, any state delegation standing on the floor of the national convention and seeking to cast national nomination ballots must cause its verifiable primary or caucus results to be published in not less than one paper of record within its state boundaries and not later than fifteen business days prior to national convention.
Eleventh, ethical standards are absolutely paramount; therefore, under no circumstances shall any officer, employee, communications director or any other official within the national Constitution Party make use of their office, or even to cause the appearance of having used their office, on behalf of or in favoritism to any national CP presidential candidate while the nomination remains contested prior to the national convention’s actual nomination.
Twelfth, any officer, employee, communications director or any other official within the national Constitution Party who does use their office, or appears to have used their office, in favoritism of any national CP presidential candidate prior to the national convention’s actual nomination shall be censured and removed forthwith from office upon its discovery.
Thirteenth, every national CP candidate must stand in the currently existing state presidential primaries—CP-Idaho and CP-Missouri—without exception or excuse. And stand in any subsequent CP state primary should other primaries be formed.
Fourteenth, every national CP candidate must physically participate in open public competitive debate during the standard primary and caucus season prior to the national convention nomination; and every national CP candidate must do so side-by-side on the same stage at the same time with fellow national CP presidential candidates in answer to the People.
Fifteenth, the national website shall not be used as an in-kind donation for any single candidate (declared or undeclared) unless every single candidate is afforded the same promotion.
If the above conditions are met, CP-Idaho shall consider the improved relation with the national CP as benign.  And therefore shall consider such improvement as a starting place to discuss continuance of affiliation.  
CP-Idaho believes that every one of these conditions is actionable.  Every one of these conditions can be adopted by the National Executive Committee without the necessity of a special meeting.  The authority is found in the Constitution of the Constitution Party, Article IV, as follows:  “Rules pertaining to the call and organization of the National Convention shall be adopted by the National Committee or its executive committee.”
The above fifteen conditions pertain only to the call and organization of the national convention.  They are a starting point.  CP-Idaho has other considerable concerns with the operation of the national CP which cannot be addressed or discussed until Idaho sees movement on these, which are little more than fair expectations regarding the national nomination process. 
It must be brought under the rule of lawful procedure.  CP-Idaho insists upon it.


Unknown said...

Seems fair to me.

J.R.Myers said...

It is important to honor the processes of the various state affiliates in regards to self-governance and self-determination. The National CP, like all parties, is a composite of the various state affiliates. The true power of the party resides in the National Committee Members and National Convention Delegates. We must follow our governing documents with fidelity. We need to be transparent in our deliberations. Last night, Constitution Party Live with Randy & Gary, announced they were going to interview the Idaho CP leadership, and possibly send a reporter to cover the Idaho CP 2018 Convention. I hope we can work things out between us, as we need to understand the seriousness of the times and the need to unite against our real opponents. Those who continually seek to strip us of our liberties.