Sunday, May 27, 2018

Oregon Independent Party Still Doesn’t Know Who Won its Primary for Governor

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Oregon held primaries on May 15 for the Republican, Democratic, and Independent Parties. The Independent Party, and the public, still doesn’t know who won the party’s primary for Governor. Fragmentary election returns indicate that it was either Knute Buehler (who is the Republican nominee) or Patrick Starnes, a member of the Independent Party. Starnes’ name was printed on the primary ballot, but candidates who are members of other parties were forced to be write-in candidates in the Independent Party primary. It is clear that both Starnes and Buehler have more votes in the Independent Party primary than Kate Brown does. Brown is the Democratic nominee for Governor this year.

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Marvin Sannes said...

Oregon's Independent Party took "independence" seriously, we'd accept any political aspirant under our banner. Once the Party reached "major party" status, and state funding, things changed. The Party now resembles the $20 whore trying to figure out how to get that $200 date. Money's predictable rotting influence. Minor parties can discuss (and do) any topic, not so, when you get near the ruling toilets.