Friday, May 4, 2018

Oklahoma Bill, Easing Definition of Political Party, is Signed Into Law

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On May 3, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed SB 350. It eases the definition of “political party”. The new law says it is a group that polled 2.5% for any statewide race, at either of the last two elections. The old law required a vote of 2.5% for Governor in midterm years, and 2.5% for President in presidential years.
Under the old law, almost every minor party in the United States would have gone off the Oklahoma ballot in presidential years. The only third parties that have polled as much as 2.5% for President in the nation in the last 90 years have been the American Party in 1968, the Reform Party in 1996, the Green Party in 2000, and the Libertarian Party in 2016.
Going off the ballot in Oklahoma is a special problem, because the petition requirement to get on the ballot (a petition of 3% of the last gubernatorial vote) is very severe. That petition cost the Libertarian Party $100,000 in 2015-2016. Thanks to E. Zachary Knight for the news.

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