Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Freedom Socialist Party & Party for Socialism and Liberation Protest On May 20th

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From FSP Website:

"The bigotry, racism, and violence that far-right organizers are bringing to Seattle on May 20th cannot be allowed to go unanswered. Regardless of our diverse political affiliations and views, we understand that solidarity and unity in action is our greatest strength. Solidarity enables us to overcome the barriers towards building a powerful, democratic working-class movement.

We will be shoulder-to-shoulder with all in our community who are targeted by the far-right in a unified, orderly, and strong counter-protest.

Join Freedom Socialist Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Radical Women, Greater Seattle Veterans For Peace Chapter 92, ANSWER Coalition and others to stand against bigotry, white supremacy, and fascism. Bring your signs and banners and join the picket line!"

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