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A3PR Exclusive: Interview With California National Party Chairperson Theo Slater

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Since the beginning of the Trump Presidency, Californians have been tossing around the idea of independence.  The group leading the way is called the California National Party and they advocate for the complete independence of California from the United States.  Yesterday I got to ask the CNP Chairperson Theo Slater several questions about the party, the plan and the future of California.

Q:  How do you legally secede from the United States?

A: Under Texas v. White, which only prohibits unilateral independence, one would need the consent of Congress and the President or for Congress to override the Presidents veto.  We believe a normal law could do it.  California was created with a law and could be set free with a law.

So we would want to do an initiative on it that then sets up a framework for negotiation with Congress.

However, we suspect the more likely path is that the US continues to crumble beneath its contradictions and the 1% loot it to death.  Under that scenario, California will simply stand up amidst the ruins of the US.  What will destroy the US?  Its government is essentially 100% controlled by the huge corporations that own both major parties.  They embark on endless wars for profit as partisanship between the Red and Blue states deepens over time.  If the US was ever really one nation, it certainly isn't now, and will never be again.

Q: What is the Swiss model and what makes it right for the 'bear flag republic'?

A:  It involves great local control.  We believe communities are in the best position to know their own needs and how to solve their own problems.

Q: Would you expect military conflict with Washington DC over independence?

A: No.  We will only pursue independence via peaceful and democratic means.

Q: What do the latest polls asking about Californian independence say?

A: The polls right after Trump were about 33% in favor of California Independence.  We see that as pretty accurate.

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Q: Are you running candidates for 2018 or 2020?

A:  CNP 2018 CA Election Endorsements:

Lt. Governor: Gayle McLaughlin 

Board of Equalization District 3 (LA & Ventura): Micheál "Me-haul" O’Leary

San Diego County Supervisor District 5: Michelle Gomez 

Q: What is your strategy for cultivating Californian nationalism?

A: That's a pretty broad question.  We'll try and build a political party around love of California and its values which we see as love, inclusiveness, economic dynamism, and inventing the future.

Q: Top 3 reason why California would make a great country of its own and why?

A: 1) 5th largest economy in the world (our economy is larger than that of the UK), 2) Diverse population that provides us with our ability to invent the future (Silicone Valley etc.) 3) Cultural powerhouse (Hollywood etc.) 4) Bread Basket of the world (Central Valley).

Q:  There is a historical precedent for an independent California isn't there?

A: The 1836 revolt is the first time California was independent the second time was 1846.  Sadly it became part of the US after that when the US invaded, occupied, and annexed California imposing a succession of 7 military governors on California prior to statehood.  After Statehood the US invaders broke their treaties with the Californios and stole their land (which would come as no surprise to any Native American community of course...)

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Q:  Does California continue the war on drugs and how does California deal with the Mexican Cartel wars on its southern border?

A: No.  The war on drugs just makes drugs impossible to regulate and control and leads to organized crime.  We would pursue a course more like Portugal.

Q: Do you have working relationships with other secessionist parties/movements in the united states?  If so, in what way?

A: We prefer to call our movement an independence movement.  Independence has a proud tradition in America, secession less so.  Our closest friends are the New England Independence Movement.  We refuse to communicate with any party, movement, or faction that is racist, which cuts us off from the Southern groups.

We think working with other civic nationalist groups (aka not racist) is good and mutually beneficial.

Q: What's ahead for the California National Party?

A: We have a convention on June 23rd in Sacramento. 

For California!

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