Saturday, April 21, 2018

Notes from the Constitution Party National Committee Denver Meeting 4/21/18


This morning several items of business were concluded and there were several speakers.  Chairman Fluckiger noted that this was the first CP NatCom meeting since he has been Chair that met Quorum without proxy votes.

8:10 am Welcome to Colorado - Doug Aden, CO State Chairman

8:25 am Report of Secretary - Cindy Redburn

8:35 am Report of Treasurer - Jerry Kilpatrick

8:40 am CP National Chairman Frank Fluckiger submits ExCom recommendations for J.R.Myers as Chairman of the Western States Region & Thom Holmes of Oklahoma as an At-Large ExCom member.  Both were approved unanimously by the CP National Committee.

8:45 am Proposed By Laws Changes Preliminary Report - Jim Clymer

8:55 am Resolution Preliminary Report - Wayne Zimmershied

9:05 am Report on CPAC event - Doug Aden

9:15 am List of Candidates Running for Office - Paula Hospelhorn

9:25 am Communicating Our Message to the Public Effectively - Dustin Ussery

10:10 am A Message We Need To Hear From Pennsylvania - Bob Goodrich

10:30 am God and Country - Charles Kraut

11:30 am Introduction of Candidates Running for State-wide and Federal Offices

12:00 pm LUNCH

1:00 pm Promoting The Constitution Party Effectively via the National Web site - Paul Venable

1:30 pm The Constitution Party Must Prepare for a Post-Trump World - Joe Miller

2:10 pm Proposed By-Law Changes (Having to do with the appointment and office of Parliamentarian - Jim Clymer - Passed Unanimously

2:30 pm Proposed Resolutions - Wayne Zimmershied (All 3 Resolutions Were Defeated)

3:15 pm Gary Welch Speaks About His Role of Religion in the CP Resolution.

3:50 pm Confirmation of Spring 2019 National Committee Meeting.  Wisconsin is the first choice, Iowa the back-up.

4:00 pm Statewide Candidates Address the NatCom.

4:30 Benediction and Adjournment.

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Cody Quirk said...

"2:30 pm Proposed Resolutions - Wayne Zimmershied (All 3 Resolutions Were Defeated)"

As I expected.