Sunday, April 8, 2018

Nevada Libertarian Party for First Time Has Enough Registrations to Remain Ballot-Qualified

Ballot Access News

Nevada has two methods for a party to retain its qualified status. It can either run a candidate for any partisan office who polls votes equal to 1% of the number of votes cast in the entire state for U.S. House, or it can have registered members that are equal to at least 1% of the state total.
The Libertarian Party, in the March 2018 voter registration tally, for the first time has registration above 1% of the state total. There is no real practical significance for the party, because it always easily passes the alternate vote test. But, theoretically, the party could now remain on the ballot even if it had no candidates. Of course it is conceivable that its registration total might dip below 1% in the future, so it would then again need to pass the vote test. Thanks to Andy Craig for this information.

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