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Green Party's Jill Stein: Russiagate Being Exploited to Repress Leftist Opposition


Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has completed turning her campaign materials to the Senate Intelligence Committee, and warns Russiagate is being used to silent dissent.

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Montana Green Party: Dem's Ballot Signature Lawsuit A Political Game

by Eric Whitney, Montana PR

The Montana Green Party says they have witnesses ready to refute in court the claims that the signatures on petitions to put the party on Montana’s ballot this fall are invalid.
The Montana Democratic Party is suing the Greens and Montana’s Secretary of State, saying he improperly validated 183 signatures on those petitions. They argued their position in a hearing last Tuesday in Helena. That hearing resumes Monday, when defendants will get their first opportunity to present witnesses.
The Green Party’s State Coordinator Danielle Breck says they’ve reached out to people whose signatures Democrats charge are invalid.
"We’ve received signed declarations from 14 or 15 of them now, declaring that they did in fact, in good faith, sign that petition, and that it was their signature. And we’ve also got a couple who have agreed to come in and testify," Breck says.
In a separate complaint to Montana’s Commissioner of Political Practices, Democrats charge that some of the Greens’ signatures were collected by paid gatherers. That’s legal, but must be reported as campaign spending.
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Filing Closes for June 30 Special U.S. House Election in Texas

Ballot Access News

Texas holds a special election to fill the vacancy in the U.S. House, 27th district, on Saturday, June 30. Filing closed on August 27. Parties don’t have nominees in Texas special elections, but party labels are on the ballot. Three Republicans, three Democrats, one Libertarian, and two independents paid their filing fees in order to qualify. If no one gets 50%, there will be a runoff later. Thanks to Mark Jones for this news.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Two file for Libertarian Party primary election

by Jake Allen

John Tatar, a retired US Army Reserve Lt. Colonel, became the second Libertarian candidate for governor to file petition signatures on April 19.
LANSING — For the first time in Michigan history, there will be a contested gubernatorial primary election for a political party other than the Democrats and Republicans.
John Tatar, a retired U.S. Army Reserve Lt. Colonel, construction contractor and school teacher from Redford, became the second Libertarian candidate for governor to file petition signatures April 19.
This sets up a contested race for Michigan governor in the first ever Libertarian Party primary, as Grand Rapids businessman Bill Gelineau filed his petition signatures for governor in March.
The Libertarian Party qualified as a “primary” party, eligible to nominate its candidates at the Aug. 7 primary just like the Democrats and Republicans, because 2016 Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson polled 172,136 votes in Michigan, according to a news release from the Libertarian Party of Michigan.
Gelineau and Tatar plan to actively campaign across the state for votes in the Aug. 7 election, according to the statement...
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Schoenburg: Libertarian Kash Jackson wants to protect rights

by Bernard Schoenburg, The State Journal-Register
The Libertarian Party candidate for governor, KASH JACKSON, says he’s running to protect people’s rights — like he did during his 20 years in the Navy — and because he can relate to regular folks.
“I’m a common guy that wants better for my state and my country,” he told me via telephone on his way to Springfield this week to join a march for gun rights.
He’s not now a firearm owner, but said he believes in Second Amendment rights and doesn’t think new gun laws would deter criminal activity.
Jackson, 39, of Antioch, was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and his name was Benjamin Adam Winderweedle. He retired from the service in the summer of 2016, having spent most of his career “inside submarines,” and in 2017 got a legal name change to Grayson Kash Jackson.
He said he likes the “unique” name Grayson. The rest of the name was a way to “pay tribute to both sides of my family,” he said. He was raised by his maternal grandparents, and their last name was Jackson. And while he “didn’t actually know anyone on my dad’s side” until he was in his 20s, his paternal grandparents “played folk music all over the country and they were really big JOHNNY CASH fans.”
A line in Jackson’s biography on his campaign website,, states that the “difficulties” he “endured in family court” made him an advocate for judicial and family-law reform.
Asked to elaborate, Jackson told me that he is twice divorced. A 17-year-old son lives with his mother in North Carolina, and a 12-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter live near him with their mother. Jackson gets visits from those children four overnight days per month, plus another 12 days with “just a few hours after school.”..
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Rochester native Andrew Hollister to run for lieutenant governor for Libertarian Party

Andrew Hollister
Andrew Hollister

by Sean Lahman, Democrat & Chronicle 

Rochester native Andrew Hollister was confirmed as the New York Libertarian Party's candidate for lieutenant governor at the party's annual convention last weekend.
Hollister will run on the November ballot alongside gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe, a Marine Corps veteran and entrepreneur from the Bronx.
“Larry asked me to run for Lieutenant Governor because we share the same vision for New York,” Hollister said in a statement. “We envision a New York where there are jobs and opportunities. We envision a New York that families move to, not run away from.”
Hollister attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and started his own IT consulting business, which grew to employ six people.  He has served as a volunteer emergency medical technician and made an unsuccessful run for Rochester City Council in 2017.
He says that his love for his home state of New York and desire to raise a family in it are pushing him to seek the responsibility of Lieutenant Governor.  
“I’m running because New York is my home,” Hollister said. “My wife and I are planning for our family and we want the absolute best for our children. Right now, New York doesn’t provide that.”
A large field of candidates have announced their intentions to challenge incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who was first elected in 2010 and re-elected four years later...
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Libertarian Party State Reps Caleb Dyer, Joseph Stallcop Speak and Toke at Concord 4/20

by Ian, Free Keene

The speeches from the Concord 4/20 just keep coming! This time it’s two videos featuring two of the New Hampshire state representatives who are actual Libertarian Party of NH members, Caleb Dyer of Pelham and Joseph Stallcop of Keene. Both flipped to Libertarian after being elected as Republican and Democrat in 2017, respectively. (Here are articles about Caleb and Joseph’s historic party changes.)
First up, Caleb Dyer’s speeches from both 2018 and 2017‘s 4/20s at the state house steps in Concord:

Joseph Stallcop couldn’t make it this year, but here’s his off-the-cuff speech from 2017 that had not yet been released:

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Oklahoma Transgender Student Elected in Libertarian Party

by Joy Hampton, The Norman Transcript

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — University of Oklahoma student Traci Baker is only 20 years old, but she was recently elected as state secretary of the Libertarian Party.
Baker's youth is remarkable on its own, but she's also the first transgender official of any party in state history, as well as the first transgender executive of a state party in the U.S.
Baker grew up in Edmond and was interested in politics early on.
"I was inspired by the Ron Paul campaign in 2012, and that's what got me into Libertarianism," she said. "I was in high school when I did debate, and then I was in Youth in Government in the YMCA program. That's also when I started doing my first campaign."

Baker graduated from Edmond Memorial High School in 2016 and moved to Norman to attend OU.
"I came out as transgender pretty much immediately upon moving to Norman," Baker said. "Norman has been immensely more supportive than Oklahoma at large or nationally."
Despite the support, she also has encountered people who were hateful or ignorant toward her gender identity, the Norman Transcript reported...
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Jill Stein Campaign and U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Exchange

Ballot Access News

The Intercept has this detailed and interesting article about the interaction between the 2016 Jill Stein Campaign, and the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee.

Monday, April 23, 2018

An Interview With James N. Clymer At The Constitution Party National Committee Meeting In Denver 4/21/18

by J.R.Myers, Constitution Party National Executive Committee Western States Regional Chairman, Founder & former Alaska CP Chairman, ACP Candidate for AK Governor in 2014, and 2016 Presidential Candidate.  J.R. won Madera, Tulane & Riverside Counties in the 2016 California American Independent Party Presidential Primary Election.  Former Executive Committee member and Chairman of the Montana Libertarian Party in the 1980's, and Chairman of the Montana Reform Party 1998-2003.  He was also elected to serve as both Republican (Flathead County, MT) and Reform Party (Butte/Silver Bow, MT) Precinct Committeeman.  Former Vice Chair of the Alaskan Independence Party.  J.R. also served as a member of both the Kenai Peninsula Central Emergency Services and the Haines Borough Fire Service Area boards.  Opinions expressed are personal, and do not represent official Constitution Party positions.

While attending the recently concluded Constitution Party National Committee meeting in Denver Colorado, I had the opportunity to interview Constitution Party founding Member James N. Clymer of Virginia.  James was with Constitution Party founder and long time leader, Howard Phillips from the initial organizing of the Constitution Party in the Fall of 1991.  James continues to serve on the CP Executive Committee as Immediate Past Chairman.  Mr. Clymer is often referred to as Jim.  While in Denver, Jim was presented with an award to recognize his many years of dedicated service to the Constitution Party.  He spoke in Denver about, Finding and Recruiting Top Quality Candidates.

According to the CP National website:  CP History

"1992A coalition of independent state parties united to form the U.S. Taxpayers Party at its first national convention in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Among the notable convention speakers was former Congressman Ron Paul. The party’s founder, Howard Phillips of Virginia, Chairman of the grass-roots lobby, the Conservative Caucus, was nominated to be the party’s first candidate for President with retired Army Brigadier General Albion Knight of Maryland nominated as the party’s first vice-presidential running mate.  The party’s founder, Howard Phillips, was on the ballot in 21 states as its first presidential candidate.
1995: Party recognized by Federal Election Commission as a national party bringing the number of nationally recognized parties to 5.
1999: Name changed to “Constitution Party” by delegates at the National Convention to better reflect the party’s primary focus of returning government to the U.S. Constitution’s provisions and limitations."

According to his bio in the CP National website:  CP ExCom

"Jim served as National Chairman for three terms from 1999 to 2012. He is the senior partner in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania law firm of Clymer, Musser and Conrad. As the party’s nominee for Lt. Governor in both 1994 and 1998, his candidacy set Pennsylvania vote records for 3rd Party candidates. During his 2004 run for US Senate against Republican Arlen Specter, he received more than 200,000 votes. Jim Clymer was the vice-presidential running mate for 2012 Constitution Party presidential candidate Virgil Goode. Jim and his wife, Lois, have five adult children."

I asked Jim about how he had become involved in the Constitution Party, and now that it is nearly three decades later, what his thoughts were regarding the future of the Constitution Party and our Nation. 

Jim surprised many in Denver, as he was sporting a long grey beard.  It seemed fitting for a founding member of the party.  One of the, "Ancients," as Jim was often affectionately  referred to during the Denver meetings.  He even started to refer to himself by that term.  "Those of us who were there in the beginning, are a diminishing number for sure.  I am one of the Ancients."  

"I learned to know Howard Phillips, that led up to 1991.  He had a vision to start a new party.  He asked me to get involved. We met the Fall of 1991.  We developed the bylaws and Constitution.  I was appointed Eastern States Regional Chairman.  Ted Adams was the first National Chairman.  He served one term.  Bill Shearer next served one term.  He had health issues."  BAN: William Shearer Dies

"I was asked to chair a couple of meetings when Shearer was unavailable.  After that, I ran for Chairman, and was elected in 9/1999.  I served three elected terms, until my last term ended in 2012, and Frank Fluckiger became CP National Chairman."    

Now, Jim says, "I wish I could have done more.  The party has to come of age.  There used to be a lot of enthusiasm.  Typically, twice the attendance at National Committee meetings.  We've had a lot of people who've come and gone.  We went through a period of malaise.  We had some who went back to the GOP and became elected.  It was tempting for many."  

Jim continued, "Then we had a significant split in 2005/6, shortly after the 2004 election.  It happened in Tampa, Florida.  The party never completely healed from that, it was a stressful time.  There was no good solution to it (the abortion issue).  It could have gone either way, and it would have destroyed the party.  The party attracts passionate people.  We need to learn to be more resilient and flexible.  There are differences in religious faith traditions.  Some have left over those."

In response to the question about his vision of the future of the Constitution Party, Jim believes, "We have to develop a better youth program.  We made a couple attempts in the past to establish college programs.  We found out at CPAC (this year) that young people are more receptive to our message than older folk."

Jim continued, "I think we need to continue to look for opportunities.  I don't believe we should challenge every race.  We need to run good candidates, who contrast significantly with the main party candidates.  I think the state and local levels is where we need to look at running candidates.  I think we should focus our energies on those races where we can present a clearer contrast to the other parties, where we can make the biggest difference."

Regarding ballot access, Jim said, "Another thing is, we've got to get better at getting ballot access.  For the past three Presidential elections, we've been on fewer ballots each time."

When asked about the critical California ballot line, which was lost when the California American Independent Party disaffiliated from the Constitution Party in 2008, Jim said, "Since we lost the AIP in California, we lost a vehicle which we have not been able to get back.  I believe we should make an effort in every state.  I don't have a strategy for California now.  We made that attempt to use the Independent Party line, but the California Secretary of State and the courts went against us.  So, that ballot line was closed.  I'm not averse to working with the CA AIP again, if that opportunity would open up.  We have to do something to develop a strategy."

Jim's final comment was regarding the message of the keynote speaker in Denver, Joe Miller of Alaska.  Jim said, "I think as Joe Miller said last night, we may be entering an era where the Constitution Party has a real chance.  The Republican Party can't seem to get their act together.  For Constitutionalists in the Republican Party, there are many that see Trump as the last gasp of hope for the Republican Party to restore Constitutional principles.  If that fails, they'll be looking for a new home."



Saturday, April 21, 2018

Notes from the Constitution Party National Committee Denver Meeting 4/21/18


This morning several items of business were concluded and there were several speakers.  Chairman Fluckiger noted that this was the first CP NatCom meeting since he has been Chair that met Quorum without proxy votes.

8:10 am Welcome to Colorado - Doug Aden, CO State Chairman

8:25 am Report of Secretary - Cindy Redburn

8:35 am Report of Treasurer - Jerry Kilpatrick

8:40 am CP National Chairman Frank Fluckiger submits ExCom recommendations for J.R.Myers as Chairman of the Western States Region & Thom Holmes of Oklahoma as an At-Large ExCom member.  Both were approved unanimously by the CP National Committee.

8:45 am Proposed By Laws Changes Preliminary Report - Jim Clymer

8:55 am Resolution Preliminary Report - Wayne Zimmershied

9:05 am Report on CPAC event - Doug Aden

9:15 am List of Candidates Running for Office - Paula Hospelhorn

9:25 am Communicating Our Message to the Public Effectively - Dustin Ussery

10:10 am A Message We Need To Hear From Pennsylvania - Bob Goodrich

10:30 am God and Country - Charles Kraut

11:30 am Introduction of Candidates Running for State-wide and Federal Offices

12:00 pm LUNCH

1:00 pm Promoting The Constitution Party Effectively via the National Web site - Paul Venable

1:30 pm The Constitution Party Must Prepare for a Post-Trump World - Joe Miller

2:10 pm Proposed By-Law Changes (Having to do with the appointment and office of Parliamentarian - Jim Clymer - Passed Unanimously

2:30 pm Proposed Resolutions - Wayne Zimmershied (All 3 Resolutions Were Defeated)

3:15 pm Gary Welch Speaks About His Role of Religion in the CP Resolution.

3:50 pm Confirmation of Spring 2019 National Committee Meeting.  Wisconsin is the first choice, Iowa the back-up.

4:00 pm Statewide Candidates Address the NatCom.

4:30 Benediction and Adjournment.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Notes From The Constitution Party Executive Committee Denver Meeting 4/20/18

The Constitution Party National Executive Committee Meeting has concluded for today.  The CP ExCom met throughout the morning.  Several decisions were made regarding new Executive Committee members and resolutions.  J.R.Myers was unanimously endorsed to fill the vacancy for Constitution Party Western Region Co-Chair.  Thom Holmes of Oklahoma was appointed and confirmed as an At-Large member of the CP ExCom.

Three resolutions have been proposed.  The first was a Resolution for a Proclamation Of the Constitution Party on the Role of Religion in Government.  The second was a Resolution To Have the Fall 2018 National Committee Meeting To Be Held via a Web Conference.  The third was a Resolution to Have the Constitution Party National Convention Held in the Fall of 2019.  All three proposed resolutions failed to achieve enough Executive Committee support to receive a recommendation to the National Committee meeting tomorrow.

Donations and membership are up.  Ballot access remains a focus of the CP.  We are currently focused on North Carolina and New Mexico.

Today's afternoon agenda was also very full.  We had many speakers throughout the day.

1:10 pm  Keys to Successful Ballot Access Petitioning with Frank Fluckiger

1:30 pm Successful Recruiting of New Party Members with Joel Hansen

1:50 pm The Importance of Issues in a Campaign with Darrell Castle

2:30 pm Learning What Issues to Address in Campaigns with Janine Hansen

3:10 pm Finding and Recruiting Top Quality Candidates with Jim Clymer

3:40 pm The Challenges and Solutions to Campaign Fundraising with Joan Castle

4:10 pm Promoting the Constitution Party Through a Monthly Newsletter with Sherry Phipps

4:30 pm Thinking About Running For Office?  PRAY! with Lynette Kilpatrick

4:45 pm Introduction of CP Candidate for Governor of Wyoming with Rex Rammell

The evening keynote address given by Joe Miller of Alaska, who said he is willing to work with the

Constitution Party.

More to come, as the CP National Committee meeting continues tomorrow.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Illinois State Senator Leaves the Republican Party, Forms the Conservative Party, and Will Run for Governor

Ballot Access News

On April 19, Illinois State Senator Sam McCann announced that he is no longer a Republican, that instead he is a member of the party he has just formed, the Conservative Party. Also he will petition to get on the ballot as the Conservative Party gubernatorial nominee. Hie Lieutenant Governor running mate will be Aaron Merreighn. 

Thanks to the Libertarian Party’s win last year against the full-slate law, the new Conservative Party will not be forced to run anyone for the other statewide offices up this year, which are Secretary of State, Attorney General, Comptroller, and Treasurer. 

The Conservative Party will need 25,000 valid signatures by June 25. The only other party that is petitioning for statewide office is the Libertarian Party. See this story
Thanks to Sam Cahnman for this news.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Libertarian seeking to unseat Brat

Joe Walton
Joe Walton

by Patrick Wilson, Richmond Times-Dispatch

RICHMOND — Two Democrats are engaged in a closely watched primary contest for the chance to challenge U.S. Rep. Dave Brat, R-7th. But Brat also has quietly attracted a Libertarian Party challenger.

Joe Walton, 42, a Richmond native who has lived in Powhatan County since 2003, is an auditor at Virginia Commonwealth University and a former chairman of the Powhatan Board of Supervisors. He says he is close to the 1,000 signatures he’ll need to collect by June 12 to make it onto the November ballot.

Walton said the election of Donald Trump as president in 2016, followed by Brat’s actions in office, prompted him to run. And he wants voters to have more choices than two “prefabricated candidates from two machines.”

“As a soon-to-be Ph.D., I respect his academic credentials and the fact that he was a professor of economics at an institution of higher education,” Walton said. “I have been surprised at how he has conducted himself as a representative.”

Specifically, Walton said, Brat hasn’t held many town hall meetings. “His ability to relate to the electorate is inconsistent and insufficient.”

And, he said, one of the most important functions of the House of Representatives is oversight of the executive branch of government. Brat has defended the president and criticized attempts to investigate him...

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Libertarians lead rally in Cedar City in support of Second Amendment gun rights

by Jeff Richards, St. George News

CEDAR CITY — Approximately 50 people attended a rally in support of the Second Amendment Saturday morning at Cedar City’s Main Street Park.

Nicholas Sarwark, chairman of the Libertarian National Committee and a candidate for mayor of Phoenix, speaks at a Second Amendment rally, Cedar City, Utah, April 14, 2018 | Photo by Jeff Richards, Cedar City News/St. George News
The event was organized by Libertarian Party representatives who were in town for the party’s statewide convention to nominate candidates for Utah’s 2018 general election ballot.

“I’m here today because I love guns,” said Cedar City firearms instructor and military veteran Kent Mitchell.

“As a civilian, I like to teach safety,” he said. “I like to teach how to use your gun for self-protection and things of that nature. But the Second Amendment is very important to me for one very simple reason. Nobody today is taught what it actually means.”

After explaining some of the language and history of the amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Mitchell said it was designed to protect people from the government itself...

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North Carolina Tells Constitution Party that its Nominees Can’t Use Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee

Ballot Access News

In 1972 and again in 1974, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that states must provide alternatives to candidate filing fees, at least if the candidate has a low income and few savings. In 1975 a U.S. District Court in North Carolina ruled that the state must create procedures for such candidates, and the state complied, passing a provision that set up a petition in lieu of a filing fee.

On April 13, 2018, the North Carolina State Board of Elections sent a letter to the Constitution Party, which is currently petitioning to get on the ballot for the 2018 election. The Board’s letter says that Constitution Party nominees cannot circulate the petition in lieu of filing fee, because the party isn’t yet on the ballot and the petition in lieu of the filing fee was due earlier this month.

The State Board has probably forgotten all about the U.S. District Court decision Brown v North Carolina State Board of Elections, 394 F Supp 359 (w.d. 1975) which said the state must have procedures in lieu of the filing fee. In any event, the State Board’s recent decision conflicts with that precedent.

Working Families Party Endorses Cynthia Nixon for Governor Instead of Andrew Cuomo

Ballot Access News

On April 14, the New York Working Families Party overwhelmingly endorsed Cynthia Nixon for Governor instead of incumbent Andrew Cuomo.  Cuomo is running for re-election this year.  See this story.  The WFP is now highly likely to nominate Nixon in May.  That would almost certainly mean that she would be on the November ballot as the WFP nominee.

Libertarian Elected to City Council of Davenport, Florida

Ballot Access News

On April 3, Libertarian Party member Brandon Kneeld was elected to the city council of Davenport, Florida. The election was non-partisan. Davenport is in Polk County in central Florida.

Tennessee Libertarians Try Something New to Publicize Absurdity of Ballot Access Law

Ballot Access News

Tennessee requires 33,844 signatures for a newly-qualifying party to get on the ballot, but only 25 signatures for anyone to run as an independent for any partisan office (except presidential independents need 275).

After years of trying and failing to persuade the legislature to lower the party petition, Tennessee Libertarians have decided to qualify 22 separate independent candidates for Governor this year, to publicize the absurdity of the law that is so harsh on minor parties and so easy for independent candidates. See this story.

No group has successfully completed the Tennessee petition for party status since 1968. Even Americans Elect tried and failed to qualify, in 2011.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Constitution Party National Committee Meets in Denver 4/20-21

by J.R.Myers, Constitution Party National Executive Committee At-Large Member, Founder & former Alaska CP Chairman, ACP Candidate for AK Governor in 2014, and 2016 Presidential Candidate.  J.R. won Madera, Tulane & Riverside Counties in the 2016 California American Independent Party Presidential Primary Election.  Former Executive Committee member and Chairman of the Montana Libertarian Party in the 1980's, and Chairman of the Montana Reform Party 1998-2003.  Former Vice Chair of the Alaskan Independence Party.  Opinions expressed are personal, and do not represent official Constitution Party positions.

Constitution Party National Committee Meets in Denver 4/20-21

The Constitution Party National Committee is scheduled to meet in Denver next week.  Alaskan Constitutional Conservative, Joe Miller will give the keynote address.  Several controversial National Committee Resolutions are being proposed.  Is change in store for the CP?  Or is the proper question, How much change is in store for the CP?  There are plans to increase coverage of this event via social media.  I hope to participate and report ongoing developments.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Libertarian Party, college student to get seat on Missoula County’s Election Advisory Committee

by Martin Kidston, Missoula Current

Missoula County commissioners approved changes to the by-laws governing the Election Advisory Committee on Wednesday, though the newly created positions will have to wait for a vacancy.
The seven-member committee, currently comprised of several at-large members and one representative from both the Democratic and Republican parties, will be joined by a member of the Libertarian Party and a student representative from higher education.
“The EAC felt there was such a large student population that it was really important that they had input from a student who’s a voter in higher education,” said Dori Brownlow, director of the county’s development district. “A lot of what the EAC does is access to voting issues, and the student member advises the EAC on issues specific to students.”..
To read article in full, click here.

Nevada Libertarian Party for First Time Has Enough Registrations to Remain Ballot-Qualified

Ballot Access News

Nevada has two methods for a party to retain its qualified status. It can either run a candidate for any partisan office who polls votes equal to 1% of the number of votes cast in the entire state for U.S. House, or it can have registered members that are equal to at least 1% of the state total.
The Libertarian Party, in the March 2018 voter registration tally, for the first time has registration above 1% of the state total. There is no real practical significance for the party, because it always easily passes the alternate vote test. But, theoretically, the party could now remain on the ballot even if it had no candidates. Of course it is conceivable that its registration total might dip below 1% in the future, so it would then again need to pass the vote test. Thanks to Andy Craig for this information.

Libertarian Elected to Winnebago County, Wisconsin, Board of Supervisors

Ballot Access News

On April 3, Brian Defferding, a member of the Libertarian Party, was elected to the Winnebago County, Wisconsin Board of Supervisors. The race was nonpartisan and he was the only candidate on the ballot for District 6.
He was simultaneously running for Neenah City Counci, district one, and he did not win that race. Here is his facebook page explaining the incident that caused him to run for both offices. Thanks to Andy Craig for this news.

Green Party Member Elected to Dane County, Wisconsin, Board of Supervisors

Ballot Access News

On April 3, Green Party member Yogesh Chawla was elected to the Dane County, Wisconsin, Board of Supervisors, from district 6. He defeated his opponent by 52.6% to 47.4%. The election was non-partisan.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Northwest Arkansas State House Candidate Suspends Campaign After Calling Gay People ‘Disgusting’

by Brandon Howard, KFSM Channel 5 News Northwest Arkansas 
BENTONVILLE (KFSM) — A Libertarian Party candidate has suspended his campaign for a State House seat after allegations surfaced that he made derogatory comments about gay people and HIV. 
During a Facebook conversation about blood donations, Justin Jones reportedly told a woman that homosexuals were "1000% more likely than any straight person" to contract HIV. He later called homosexuals "disgusting."Jones was a candidate for District 87, which covers parts of Benton and Washington counties, including Siloam Springs, Elm Springs and Tontitown. 
Jones said Tuesday (April 3) the comments were satire and taken out of context. His campaign released this statement to 5NEWS: 
"I recently made a comment that was meant to be satire, but had FACTUAL meaning. In the new day of Social Media, we face backlash for every comment we make, which is putting "Free Speech" at a price. The Aids Epidemic is a VERY big part of the LGBTQ Community. To not recognize that would be a "Lie" to yourself and the LGBTQ Community. In this New Day of politics, we are recognizing the benefits of throwing away the old establishment, and how that didn't work. Today, we are bringing back "FREEDOM OF SPEECH", and protecting our 2nd amendment rights. That might be too much for some people, but that's why we're getting them out of Public Office. Let's get back to "Making Arkansas Great Again". Vote Justin Jones for State Representative, District 87."
Jones declined an interview request. Campaign manger David New said that Jones has "made his statement" and "has nothing more to say on this matter." 
In an interview 5NEWS, Michael Kalagias, chairman of the Benton County Libertarian Party, said candidates should stick to the Libertarian Party's message of decreasing the size and reach of government. 
"If not, then you don't need to be a Libertarian, you're not representing us," Kalagais said. 
"We're a pretty broad tent — big tent party, but there's still places you can't go and still call yourself a Libertarian." 
Dr. Michael Pakko, chairman for the Libertarian Party of Arkansas, called Jones' comments "completely antithetical" to the Libertarian Party's values. 
"We believe that the rights of the individual are paramount — that each person has the right to make decisions for themselves about what activities to pursue, what to eat and drink, and who to love," said Pakko, noting that the Libertarian Party has supported marriage equality since its initial founding in 1971...
To read article in full, click here.

Montana Trial Court Sets April 24 Date to Hear Democratic Challenge to Green Party Petition

Ballot Access News

The Montana Democratic Party challenge to the Green Party petition will be heard in a state trial court on Tuesday, April 24. See this story.

Professor Tim Canova Changes Registration from Democratic to Independent, Will Run for Congress in Florida’s 23rd District

Ballot Access News

On April 2, Florida Professor Tim Canova announced that he is changing his registration from Democratic to independent, and that he will be an independent candidate for U.S. House in Florida’s 23rd district. He will run against incumbent Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.
In the August 2016 Democratic primary for the same office, Canova polled 43.2% of the vote against Wasserman-Schultz. In the general election in the same district in 2016, Wasserman-Schultz received 56.7% of the vote, her Republican opponent received 40.5%, and two independents received the remaining 2.8%.

Moderate Party Holds Rhode Island’s First 2018 Gubernatorial Debate

Ballot Access News

The ballot-qualified Moderate Party hosted Rhode Island’s first gubernatorial debate of 2018, according to this story. Only two Democratic candidates, and one Republican candidate, chose to appear. The Moderate Party itself doesn’t have a gubernatorial candidate yet. If it doesn’t run someone for Governor this year who polls 5%, it will go off the ballot.

New York Working Families Party Will Nominate in May

Ballot Access News

The New York Working Families Party will nominate candidates in May, according to this story. For Governor, the party must decide whether to nominate incumbent Andrew Cuomo, or Cynthia Nixon. Those two candidates are also both seeking the Democratic nomination, but the Democratic primary is not until September.

U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Hear Illinois Green Party Ballot Access Case

Ballot Access News

On April 2, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Tripp v Scholz, 17-1129. This was an Illinois Green Party case that challenged the Illinois requirements for nominees of unqualified parties to get on the ballot for state legislature. They are so severe, no third party candidates appeared on the Illinois ballot in 2016 for the legislature.
The U.S. Supreme Court has not granted any cert petition filed by a minor party or an independent candidate, involving ballot access, since 1991. Although the Court granted Burdick v Takushi in early 1992, that case (involving write-in votes) was filed by a Democratic Party voter and did not concern third parties or independents directly.
The case that was granted in 1991 was Norman v Reed, an Illinois case.