Saturday, March 17, 2018

Peace & Freedom Party is Only California Third Party to Enter Insurance Commissioner Race

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California elects an Insurance Commissioner in a partisan election. Only six candidates are on the June ballot: three Democrats, one Republican, one Peace & Freedom Party member, and one independent candidate. UPDATE: the Republican, Peter Kuo, failed to qualify, so there are only five candidates.
The Peace & Freedom Party member is Nathalie Hrizi. The three Democrats are Asif Mahmood, State Senator Ricardo Lara, and Paul Song. The independent is Steve Poizner, who held the position 2006-2010, when he was a Republican.
It is very likely that Hrizi will poll over 2% of the June vote. If she does, that will keep the Peace & Freedom Party on the ballot for four years, even if the party’s registration dips below .33% of the state total. At the last registration tally, as of January 2018, PFP was .40%

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