Thursday, March 22, 2018 'Libertarian Party registration surges 92% in 10 years'

The fastest growing political party in America! - Libertarian

Independent Political Report

The number of U.S. voters registered as Libertarian has surged by 92 percent since 2008, reports Ballot Access News in its March 2018 edition. That increase has come at the expense of both Democrats, who are down by 8 percent over the same time period, and Republicans, who are down by 5 percent.
The number of voters registered as independent or with other parties has increased by 19 percent.

“This is heartening news,” said Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark.
“In 2016, our presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson received a record number of votes for a Libertarian in a presidential election, even surpassing the vote total for Ron Paul in 1988. The grassroots energy we are seeing in 2018 is amazing. The LP has set a national goal of running more than 2,000 candidates for federal, state, and local office this year.”..

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J.R.Myers said...

The CP is also up in members, and the Greens probably are too. People are really looking for alternatives.