Saturday, March 17, 2018

List of California Statewide Candidates

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Here is a list of all candidates for California statewide office who will be on the June 5, 2018 ballot. It is posted on the Tulare County elections web page.
For U.S. Senate, there are 32 candidates: nine Democrats, ten Republicans, ten independents, one Libertarian, one Peace & Freedom, one Constitution. The Constitution Party member will have “party preference: none” because the Constitution Party is not a qualified party.
For Governor, there are 28 candidates: eleven Democrats, five Republicans, seven independents, two Libertarians, two Greens, one Peace & Freedom.
Lieutenant Governor, ten candidates: four Democrats, three Republicans, two independents, and one Libertarian.
Secretary of State, eight: two Democrats, two Republicans, one Libertarian, two Greens, one Peace & Freedom.
Controller, three: one Democrat, one Republican, one Peace & Freedom.
Treasurer, four: two Democrats, one Republican, one Peace & Freedom.
Attorney General, five: two Democrats, one Republican, two independents.
Insurance Commissioner, five: two Democrats, one independent, one Peace & Freedom.
Election systems in which all candidates (from all parties) appear on a single primary ballot generally tend to be crowded for U.S. Senator and Governor. The number of candidates for U.S. Senate in past California primaries has been: 1998 thirteen; 2000 fifteen; 2012 twenty four; 2016 thirty four. California had a blanket primary in 1998 and 2000, in which all candidates appeared on a single primary ballot, and the top vote-getter from each party qualified for the November ballot.

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