Monday, March 12, 2018

'Liberating New Mexico'

Blair Dunn's bow tie and Libertarian pin.

by Andy Lyman New Mexico Political Report

Blair Dunn always knew he was a Libertarian, but instead registered as a Republican. Like Hermey the Elf in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Blair has found solace on his own island of misfits. Blair’s island is the Libertarian Party of New Mexico.
At almost seven feet tall with his signature cowboy boots and bow tie, Dunn will never be mistaken for an elf. He’s easy to spot, even in the most crowded room. And almost as easy to spot in the state’s legal community.
“I’m litigious even amongst lawyers,” Dunn said.
Not one to miss an opportunity for party exposure, Dunn positioned himself as a ringleader of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico over the last several weeks, helping to organize meet and greets for the party’s candidates as the Libertarians planned their wider step into the spotlight.
In the 2018 race so far, the Libertarian Party pulled candidates from both major political parties. Blair’s father, Aubrey Dunn, was a Republican until about six weeks ago, and former state Rep. Sandra Jeff was a longtime Democrat.
Last Saturday in the lounge of a downtown Albuquerque hotel, Blair Dunn, who is also running for New Mexico attorney general, was shaking hands and brokering introductions between party members and candidates hours before the Libertarian Party of New Mexico pre-primary convention...
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