Friday, March 2, 2018

Centrist Project Changes Name to Unite America, Releases a Skeleton Platform

Ballot Access News

The Centrist Project is getting closer to becoming a political party, although the officers of the group would not characterize it that way. Here is a platform, of sorts, that all Unite America candidates (who run as independent candidates) adhere to. Although it is thin on policy, there is some substance, notable in the sentence calling for both fiscal responsibility and environmental responsibility.
Independent candidates endorsed by Unite America, so far, include three gubernatorial candidates and two U.S. Senate candidates. The gubernatorial candidates are Greg Orman in Kansas, incumbent Bill Walker in Alaska, and Terry Hayes in Maine. The Senate candidates are Craig O’Dear in Missouri and Neal Simon in Maryland. The two U.S. Senate candidates each need 10,000 signatures, due in late July or early August.

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