Friday, March 2, 2018

Ballot access in question for Delaware Libertarians

by Ian Gronau, Delaware State News 
DOVER — The state’s election commissioner says she doesn’t know which party should get ballot access belonging to Delaware’s 1,640 registered Libertarians.
Two committees are vying for that access: the Libertarian Party of Delaware and the Libertarian Party of Delaware Inc. 
“I don’t know who gets to claim them at this point,” said Election Commissioner Elaine Manlove. “I am awaiting a response from my Deputy Attorney General.” 
Befuddled with the scenario, the Libertarian Party of Delaware claims it’s both been putting candidates on state ballots and sending delegations to the National Libertarian Party’s conventions for many years. Libertarian Party of Delaware Secretary Will McVay said Ms. Manlove told his party leadership at the Feb. 12 Board of Elections meeting that their party was the one who would maintain ballot access, but has failed to provide it in writing. 
“She knows who we are — everyone with the commissioner’s office knows who we are,” said Mr. McVay. “They’re well aware of who the real Libertarian party is. Why they’re not willing to make a ruling on it in writing in a timely fashion is, honestly, beyond me.”..
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