Saturday, March 17, 2018

Charts Clarifying A New Paradigm, And A Solution To LP Cognitive Dissonance

by J.R.Myers, Constitution Party National Executive Committee At-Large Member, Founder & former Alaska CP Chairman, ACP Candidate for AK Governor in 2014, and 2016 Presidential Candidate.  J.R. won Madera, Tulane & Riverside Counties in the 2016 California American Independent Party Presidential Primary Election.  Former Executive Committee member and Chairman of the Montana Libertarian Party in the 1980's, and Chairman of the Montana Reform Party 1998-2003.  Former Vice Chair of the Alaskan Independence Party.  Opinions expressed are personal, and do not represent official Constitution Party positions.

                                  MYERS POLITICAL FAITH CHART, copyright by J.R. Myers 3/17/2018

There is a growing cognitive dissonance within the minds of many Constitutionalists who have tried to find a political home within the Libertarian Party.  This could also be said about those Constitutionalists who have sought refuge in the Democratic and Republican Parties as well.  While initially it appears to be a good match, such Constitutionalists soon find out that there is something that's just not right about the relationship.

I have been giving this some thought.  The question which keeps coming to my mind is, "How is the Constitution Party different from the Libertarian Party?"  This question has posed a challenge to many for a long time.  In part, I think this is because we are looking through lenses fashioned by others.  We need a new way to perceive the issue.  Therefore, I have devised a chart to give a visual reference to my thoughts about it.  Let's call this the Myers Political/Faith Chart.  It is my attempt to overcome the ancient false dichotomy of left versus right, and the clever but equally misleading Nolan Chart of the Libertarians.  Although this is a first draft, I hope this helps to clarify where we're at, and why the Constitution Party is the only true political home for Constitutional Believers.

The Charts have three dimensions.  Where one generally falls within the charts can easily be determined by three simple answers to three basic questions.

1) The Belief Axis; Do you Believe in God, a Supreme Being, a Creator? (A)Yes, My God is the Only One Allowed & Everyone Else Must Believe Like Me Too! (Extreme Theocracy, Zealot/No Religious Tolerance), or (B)Yes, I believe in Freedom of Religion.(Constitutional Centrist), or (C)No God, No Way!(Atheist/Godless).

2) The Free Will Axis; Do you believe that people should be free to do whatever they want, whenever they want?  (A)Yes, always!(Extreme Anarchist), (B)Yes, most of the time.(Constitutional Centrist), (C)No, only with Permission!(Authoritarian).

3) Constitutional Adherence;  Do you believe that the United States Constitution is still relevant today?  (A)Yes!(Constitutionist-Zone 1), or (B)Maybe?(Compromiser-Zone 2), (C)No!(Extremist-Zone 3).

The charts are meant to be visual/conceptual aides to the Political/Faith Paradigm, and continue to be refined.

While the CP and LP do share many common views, and can work together on many issues, there remains a fundamental divide between the foundational philosophies of the two parties.  One is based on secular humanism, the other is based on a belief in God granted unalienable rights, and in a living Creator active in human history.  This is an irreconcilable difference.  This difference is most visibly manifested in the diametrically opposed  positions on Life, Borders and the role of Faith in the public arena.

The CP is a party dedicated to the Rule of Law as expressed by the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  The U.S. Constitution is a balanced and centrist document.  By standing on this foundation, the CP is the only truly Centrist Party.


  1. The chart is a work in progress.

  2. As a Christian patriot and Constitutional libertarian, if the Constitution Party were helping organize LCS Militia, and understood the federal income tax fraud to protect against the criminal agents of the IRS, then I would be there. And more people would be joining the CP. But as it stands now, the LP is doing neither of the above. But at least they have a better way of marketing their "wares" while maintaining ballot access ta least where it counts for me -- Texas.


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