Saturday, February 17, 2018

For the First Time, a California General News Source Runs Article about How Independent Candidates are Hurt by Law on Ballot Labels

Ballot Access News

The Daily Republic, daily newspaper for Fairfield, California, has this excellent story about Steve Poizner’s run for California Insurance Commissioner as an independent candidate this year. This is the first general circulation newspaper article to discuss how independent candidates are injured by the California law that won’t permit independent candidates for Congress or state office to use the ballot label “independent.” Instead, as the story says, they must be on the ballot as “Party Preference: None.”
The story quotes Dan Schnur, who ran as an independent for Secretary of State of California in 2014, saying that major party legislators are never going to change the law to permit the label “independent.” Schnur is also quoted as saying “It takes an unusually well-informed voter to even know what NPP means.” The reporter himself refers to NPP as a “deadly ballot designation.”

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