Saturday, February 3, 2018

Fact Check: Did the Libertarian Party Ban Ron Paul From Speaking?

The Jack News 
The world of the Libertarian Party was again thrown into drama this week, with sensational headlines and blog posts alleging that the party had “banned” or “rejected” the possibility of having former congressman Ron Paul speak at the party’s 2018 national convention in New Orleans.The underlying reality is far less substantial, and in fact nobody with the Libertarian Party told Paul he was unwelcome at the convention. 
The Libertarian Party did not ban Ron Paul from speaking 
A group of party members calling themselves the Mises Caucus, closely aligned with the Institute of the same name, sent a series of Facebook messages to the party’s convention oversight chair, Daniel Hayes, back in October. This group had reached out to the booking agent representing Paul as well as Fox News personality Andrew Napolitano, and expressed tentative interest in a paid speaking arrangement. Combined, a speaking engagement featuring both Paul and Napolitano has been quoted as costing $70,000, plus expenses. Ron Paul on his own, has been quoted at $35,000 for similar events. 
Hayes, as he explained in a short video response, expressed interest in accepting if the honorariums were paid by outside donors, and little else came of it. The Mises Caucus initially dropped the idea of securing Paul, instead wishing to raise donations solely for Napolitano, but no donations ever materialized. No agreement was ever negotiated with the party or the booking agent, and it was never more than an idea. There was also questions about the legality, under campaign finance laws, of an outside group paying for a speaker at party event, as well as the desirability of diverting donors to pay for such a fee...
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