Monday, February 26, 2018

Constitution Party of Idaho: 'Caiaphas can never succeed'

Caiaphas can never succeed

CP-Idaho has often pushed the envelope of the national CP clique—Phariees as we call them—by ever challenging their “vision,” or lack thereof. In a way it’s kind of fun to do—but it is also sadly futile.  The national party’s stiff-necked self righteousness—much like the Pharisees—is irradicable; it obstinately refuses any and all correction, much less honest reflection.
Unfortunately in the national Constitution Party, for any innovative ideas and solutions to be allowed birth—rather than be reflexively aborted by ceaseless excuses—we must await the process of natural senescence. Evidently, that is the only effective means to release the grip of the over ripe national CP autocrats.
Perversely, these autocrats (or theocrats) would deny birth itself, if it meant relinquishing their control upon the minds, thoughts and values of what remains of their acolyte congregation.
It is also unfortunate that, in this modern communication age, an opposition party’s political relevance is far shorter lived than the decrepit Pharisees who seek to stop the Sun in order to continue their deeds in the dark. Most people do not want to abide in a permanent dark; nor in Puritanical black.  And thus, a consignment by the electorate to the ash bin of political history results…more rapidly now perhaps than ever before.
In any case, whether the Pharisees like it or not, spring is neigh. Metaphorically speaking, the sun will enter the sign of Aries and bring the magic of necessary regeneration. Pharisees lack the might to restrain it, try though they may.
Ideas are odd substances. They are conceived often in the darkest of times, and yet they have a curious power to them…like stars in the void of deep eternity. They guide. And often illuminate. They warm, and even germinate human sustenance itself.
Not an autocrat alive—or one who has ever lived—has the ability to halt the season of ideas. The national CP clique can do no more to keep the Temple Veil shrouding the light of citizen-inspired solutions than could Caiaphas, who rent his own clothes at what he called blasphemy.
Attempts like what the national CP continues to try…to force all ideas and state affiliate actions through its ever constrictive executive controls until every  citizen germinated solution becomes parched to death by the deliberate aridity…are destined to fail just as Caiaphas failed.
CP-Idaho shall continue to forward a solutions oriented array of ideas, shall continue to provide rains in the despotic desert, irrespective of however thuggish and abusive the national CP Pharisees may become. They fight to keep their money changing monopoly and gross rituals so as to mislead behind that veil.  We fight for enlightenment…and the right of free will.


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J.R.Myers said...

I, for one, admire the CPID for their principled stand regarding the 2016 POTUS nominating process. The other state affiliates could well emulate the CPID Primary Nomination process. It is a good way to generate interest in campaigns, candidates and the CP in general. It is a fair, equal and open forum. I hope the CPID continues to remain constructively engaged with the rest of the CP.