Saturday, February 17, 2018

California Releases First New Registration Tally in Almost a Year

Ballot Access News

On February 16, the California Secretary of State released a new registration tally, the first since February 2017. The total number of registered voters declined since February 2017. The new percentages are: Democratic 44.63%; Republican 25.44%; no party preference 24.95%; American Independent 2.66%; Libertarian .74%; Green .48%; Peace & Freedom .40%; miscellaneous .61%; and a new category, “unknown” .11%. The “unknown” persons are those who were automatically registered to vote by the state because they had a California ID, and they have never filled out a form choosing party preference.
In February 2017, the percentages were: Democratic 44.77%; Republican 25.87%; no party preference 24.51%; American Independent 2.63%; Libertarian .73%; Green .49%; Peace & Freedom .39%; miscellaneous .62%.
The Constitution Party, the state’s largest political body, now has 321 registrants; a year ago it had 326. The March 1, 2018 printed Ballot Access News will have registration data for all states, for all parties.

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