Saturday, February 10, 2018

Actress Diane Neal Will Run for U.S. House in New York State as an Independent

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Actress Diane Neal says she will run for U.S. House in New York’s 19th district as an independent candidate. See this story. The story appears to say she will petition as an independent candidate, instead of seeking the nomination of one of New York’s eight qualified parties. If she only appears on the ballot as an independent, New York’s confusing ballot format will injure her campaign. That format will put her name on a far corner of the ballot, so that most voters probably won’t even see her name.
She could probably easily obtain the nomination of the ballot-qualified Reform Party. In 2016 another independent candidate for U.S. House in New York, Martin Babinec, got the Reform Party nomination, and he polled 24,595 votes on the Reform line. He also petitioned as an independent and got an additional 10,043 votes on his independent line. 
Thanks to Austin Cassidy for the link.

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