Wednesday, January 17, 2018

State Libertarian Parties Demand Removal of Arvin Vohra for Comments on Child Molestation

The Jack NewsA growing chorus of party leaders and state parties are demanding the removal of Arvin Vohra, the vice chair of the national Libertarian Party, over his recent remarks endorsing and condoning sexual abuse of minors. 
It’s a bizarre controversy, and not the first time Vohra has sparked outrage over his often strident and outlandish public comments. Over the course of the past year, he’s variously condemned all veterans as murderers, compared schoolteachers to rapists, and has spoken of his desire to purge up to 80% of the party’s members who don’t meet his ideological litmus test. 
His latest remarks, which he admits are partly intended to drive moderate supporters of former Gov. Gary Johnson out of the party, have roiled the small world of L.P. activists in the past few days. While some Libertarians work to focus on upcoming elections or preparing for the 2018 convention, the party’s second-ranking officer instead chose to spend the holiday weekend posting extensively on the topic of age-of-consent laws. 
Arvin Vohra compares child molestation to homosexuality 
In one post, Vohra claimed that it was preferable for a fourteen-year-old to be impregnated by an adult, because then they would be less likely to collect welfare. In another comment, he insisted that child molestation was morally indistinguishable from homosexuality, and accused gay members of the party of “hypocrisy” if they disagreed. In others, he insisted the abuse of children as young as nine should be left to the discretion of their parents. That’s only a small sampling: in total Vohra has spent the weekend posting dozens of times, dedicating thousands of words to the issue...
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