Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sandra Jeff changes party registration to Libertarian, eyes Secretary of State position

Sandra Jeff re-registering to the Libertarian Party 

by Andy Lyman, NM Political Report

Former State Representative and former State Senate candidate Sandra Jeff can now add one more “former” before her name: former Democrat.
Jeff updated her voter registration to the Libertarian Party Thursday afternoon at the Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office with the intention of running for Secretary of State.
“I want to stop corruption, and I feel that I have every right to work with the constituents within the state of New Mexico to bring forth a new horizon because that is what is needed in this state in order for us to move forward,” Jeff told NM Political Report.
Jeff represented House District 5, which includes a large portion of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, for two terms before she was kicked off the ballot during her run for a third term because she did not collect enough valid signatures.
As a Representative, she sometimes voted against fellow Democrats on key issues, most notably when she skipped a vote to raise the minimum wage in 2014, even after then-Vice President Joe Biden called her personally and asked her to vote in favor of it.
Jeff said it was the Democratic Party of New Mexico that changed, not her stance on the issues.
“I see myself as a Libertarian because of me being a moderate Democrat, working with both parties,” she said Thursday...
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