Saturday, January 27, 2018

Prohibition Party Condemns Government Shutdown

by Jonathan Makeley, Independent Political Report

The Prohibition Party had issued statements criticizing the recent federal government shut down. The Prohibition Party Facebook page stated that the “Government shutdown is unethical and bad for Americans”. It was further stated, “People’s lives are hanging in the balance. This display does much to show where American citizens figure on their list of priorities”. It was further contended that members of congress need to do a better job, not just ensuring that the federal government functions, but to work to improve the conditions of the nation.

Jim Hedges, Prohibition Party treasurer and 2016 Prohibition Party Presidential candidate stated his opinion on the matter.

“The Republicans “own” it, because they’re in charge: It’s happening on their watch. Come fall, every one of them should be sent to wander in the wilderness. Let ’em stay there 40 years, following the example of their prophet Moses. (Schumer and McConnell took a bi-partisan proposal to Trump, who bad-mouthed it.).."

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