Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ohio Libertarian Party Has 81,000 Signatures on its 2018 Party Petition

Ballot Access News

The Ohio Libertarian Party now has approximately 81,000 signatures on its 2018 petition for party status. This is the largest number of signatures any minor party has collected in any state (not counting Americans Elect) since 2008, when the North Carolina Libertarians collected slightly over 100,000 signatures.
The Ohio drive needs 54,965 valid signatures. Ohio does not permit a party to submit a partial petition; all the signatures must be submitted in one turn-in. The party has been checking the validity of its petition and believes that it has almost 50,000 valid.
Assuming the Ohio Libertarian petition succeeds, this will be the first time that any group has completed the Ohio party petition since 2000, when both the Libertarian and Natural Law Parties did that petition. That year, 33,543 valid signatures were needed.

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