Saturday, January 27, 2018

North Carolina Supreme Court Ends Gridlock over Membership on State Board of Elections

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On January 26, the North Carolina Supreme Court issued an opinion in Cooper v Berger, 52PA17-2. It ruled that the law passed last year, ending the old method for determining who is on the State Board of Elections, violates the State Constitution. See this story.
As a result, it will now be possible for the Board to again have members. For the past several months the employees of the State Board have taken the position that there is no State Board of Elections, because the identity of the members was disputed. Now that the Board is in existence again, it will be possible for the Board to accept the proof that the Green Party is a ballot-qualified party. The Green Party had to show that its presidential nominee was on the ballot in at least 35 states in 2016. The Board employees accepted the proof but said until the stalemate was ended, the Board couldn’t certify the Green Party. 
Thanks to Rick Hasen for this news.

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