Saturday, December 30, 2017

Colorado LP Board Calls for Transparency on National LP Convention Committees

Independent Political Report

The Board of the Libertarian Party of Colorado today declared that the state Party’s appointees to the 2018 National Platform Committee shall be “conditional upon appointee not agreeing to any secrecy requirements for discussions that reasonably would be considered committee discussion such as any email list to which all committee members have access or emails copied to the entire committee.”
The vote on the measure passed 5-2. Voting in favor of the requirement: Richard Longstreth (Vice Chair); Caryn Ann Harlos (Communications); Michael Stapleton (Legislative); Kim Tavendale (Campaigns); and Daniel Lutz (Regions).  Voting against: John Hjersman (Treasurer); and Mike Spalding (Records). Not voting were Steven Gallant (Membership); Justin Mathew (Fundraising); and Kevin Gulbranson (Outreach)...
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