Saturday, December 30, 2017

Colorado LP Board Calls for Transparency on National LP Convention Committees

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The Board of the Libertarian Party of Colorado today declared that the state Party’s appointees to the 2018 National Platform Committee shall be “conditional upon appointee not agreeing to any secrecy requirements for discussions that reasonably would be considered committee discussion such as any email list to which all committee members have access or emails copied to the entire committee.”
The vote on the measure passed 5-2. Voting in favor of the requirement: Richard Longstreth (Vice Chair); Caryn Ann Harlos (Communications); Michael Stapleton (Legislative); Kim Tavendale (Campaigns); and Daniel Lutz (Regions).  Voting against: John Hjersman (Treasurer); and Mike Spalding (Records). Not voting were Steven Gallant (Membership); Justin Mathew (Fundraising); and Kevin Gulbranson (Outreach)...
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Jill Stein Responds to Senate Committee Investigation

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The Green Party issued a press release commenting on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence looking at  Jill Stein as part of its investigation into interference in the 2016 election. The statement reads as follows.
Complying with Senate Committee request, Stein urges safeguarding elections from interference – while cautioning against the targeting of political opposition.Responding to a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence request for documents pertaining to interference in the 2016 election, former Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein said she is cooperating by sharing all communications relevant to the committee’s mission. “We take seriously the issue of potential interference in our elections, as demonstrated by our continuing efforts to investigate the integrity of the 2016 election and examine our voting machines that are widely known to be vulnerable, but which still have not been examined for evidence of interference. To restore trust in our elections and democracy itself, we must safeguard our elections from all potential sources of interference, whether by foreign state actors or domestic political partisans, criminal networks, lone wolves, or private corporations – including those who control voting software.”..
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Greg Guma, Historian of Modern Era Vermont Politics, Explains How Progressives Win in That State

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Greg Guma has published “Vermont’s Progressive Candidates Blur Party Lines to Win” on his blog. Guma is a noted author of books about modern Vermont political history. The Vermont Progressive Party is easily the most successful third party in any state in the United States.

North Carolina Green Party Will Submit Evidence on Friday, December 29

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The co-chairs of the North Carolina Green Party have an appointment for Friday, December 29, in the afternoon, with officials of the State Board of Elections. The purpose of the meeting is for the party officials to present the evidence that Jill Stein was on the ballot in more than 35 states last year. This evidence will put the Green Party on the North Carolina ballot for 2018 and 2020.

Alabama Secretary of State Posts Official Results from December 12, 2017 U.S. Senate Election

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The Alabama Secretary of State has these official election returns for U.S. Senate from the special election of December 12, 2017. The percentages barely changed from the election night unofficial totals. On election night Doug Jones was credited with 49.92% of the total. Now he has 49.97% of the total. The official totals are: Doug Jones 673,896; Roy Moore 651,972; write-ins 22,852. The write-ins are 1.69%.
Anyone who wants to see who received write-in votes will be forced to wade through 426 pages of the appendix. There are copies of each county’s write-in tally. The Secretary of State doesn’t care to do the work of going through the county returns and totalling the votes for each person whose name was written in. In principle, that is little different than the State forcing everyone to go through the 428 pages to get the statewide vote for Doug Jones and Roy Moore. All write-ins in Alabama are valid votes, yet the state has chosen to make it easy for the public to know the totals for two particular candidates, but no one else.
The only third party candidate, Ron Bishop, Libertarian, appears to have received 1,123 write-ins. Bullock County only listed the names of individuals who received write-in votes, but did not say how many each got. The results from Dale and Morgan Counties are virtually unreadable. Some counties did not include a county total, but merely the total in each precinct. Those counties are Cullman, Jefferson, Lamar, and Pike.

Nebraska State Senator Bob Krist Announces Name for His Proposed New Political Party

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On December 27, Nebraska State Senator Bob Krist, who is running for Governor in 2018, said that if he gets on the ballot via a petition to create a new party, that party will be called the United Nebraska Party. See this story.

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Their Anti-Trust Debates Lawsuit

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On December 27, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear Johnson v Commission on Presidential Debates, the case over whether federal anti-trust law has any bearing on the Commission on Presidential Debates’ restrictive policy on who gets into the debates. Here is a copy of the cert petition.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Will Soon Decide on County Distribution Requirement for Statewide Minor Party and Independent Candidate Petitions

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On December 21, U.S. District Court Lawrence Stengel held a status conference in Constitution Party of Pennsylvania v Cortes, 5:12cv-2726. As already reported, on December 13 the Third Circuit had issued a ruling in this case, casting doubt on whether the county distribution requirement for minor party and independent candidate statewide candidates is constitutional. It requires petitions for minor party and independent gubernatorial candidates to not only be signed by 5,000 signatures, but to have at least 250 signatures from each of ten counties. The Third Circuit had noted that such county distribution requirements have been ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court twice, and by at least ten lower court decisions from around the country.
On December 21, the minor parties suggested to Judge Stengel that his order from last year merely be changed to delete the county distribution requirement. The state said it needs two or three weeks to decide whether it accepts that idea. Judge Stengel then set a new status conference for January 10, 2018, at which it is likely this will be resolved. Of course Judge Stengel is free to make his own decision, in case both sides don’t agree. Or he might order a trial to determine whether the county distribution requirement can possibly be justified.

Jill Stein Appearance on CNN Garners Publicity

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On December 21, Jill Stein appeared on CNN’s “Outfront with Erin Burnett.” Here is a report about that interview in The Hill. This interview has been covered by many major news outlets.
Also, here is a link to a 45-minute interview with Stein by Robert Scheer of Truthdig.
This Salt Lake Tribune story points out that Rocky Anderson, Justice Party presidential nominee in 2012, was also at the famous Moscow dinner that Stein attended.